Israel issues severe terror warning for India, immediate threat of attacks

Israel’s Counter-Terrorism Bureau warned Friday of “immediate” risks of attacks likely to target Israeli tourists in southwestern India as New Year’s Eve approaches.

The threat level was raised to three- meaning there is a concrete threat, but did not provide specific details.

“We warn Israeli tourists who are staying in India about the possibility of immediate terrorist attacks against Western and tourist targets especially in the southwest of this country,” the Counter-Terrorism Bureau said in a statement.

The bureau called for “increased vigilance during events that will take place in the next few days on the occasion of the celebration of the New Year, and especially during celebrations organized on beaches, or in clubs where there are many tourists.”

The office recommended avoiding participation in these events, as well as visiting markets, festivals and busy shopping malls.

India is a popular destination for young Israelis, especially after they conclude their military service and take extended vacations.

The Counter-Terrorism Office periodically issues warnings to its citizens about threats of attacks in various countries of the world.