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Child terrorists are filmed hunting down and executing prisoners in sickening ISIS training video

Sickening footage has emerged of child terrorists hunting down and executing prisoners in a ‘cat and mouse’-style ISIS training exercise in Syria.

Children carrying handguns are ordered to take part in a training mission, going from room to room in an abandoned building searching for tied-up captives.

One man is shot in the leg before receiving a point blank head shot while another terrified prisoner is cornered on a roof before plunging to his death.

The executions are shown in first person-style footage as children seek out hostages held in the building.

Brainwashed youngsters aged between nine and 13 also learn martial arts and how to fire machine guns during the film.

Others are ordered to make ranting jihadist statements to camera.

The 34-minute video, called My Father Told Me, shows so-called cubs of the Caliphate in the ISIS stronghold of Raqqa going through military drills in the middle of the night and learning how to use handheld rocket launchers.

It is not the first time ISIS has released training videos featuring children.

Others have shown youngsters shooting jumpsuit-wearing prisoners in the back of the head and delivering chilling threats to the terror group’s enemies.

When ISIS seized power in parts of Syria and Iraq in 2013 it took over schools and immediately began ‘educating’ children the Daesh way.

Staff were ordered to teach their extreme interpretation of the Koran and orphanages were also built, where the orphans came under the protection of ISIS commanders.

With no parents to nurture them or teach them their own morality the orphans could simply be moulded from an early age into brainwashed puppets.



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2 thoughts on “Child terrorists are filmed hunting down and executing prisoners in sickening ISIS training video Leave a comment

  1. There is a pre-existing condition that makes “brain washed puppets of ISIS” all the more possible.
    Middle East Muslims have an IQ quotient 20 points lower than Western average ; enough said.!


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