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ISIS Sinai claims failed rocket attack towards Israel earlier in week

ISIS terror group claimed to have fired two missiles from the Sinai Peninsula that were aimed at an Israeli border crossing but landed in Egyptian territory on Monday.

A news agency associated with the ISIS  group’s Egypt affiliate, known as Sinai Province, posted photos from the attack on Monday claiming to show “the bombardment of the Nitzana border crossing on the border with Palestine with two grad rockets.”

Rocket alert sirens were heard in various communities near the Israel-Egypt border on Monday, but authorities said it appeared that the projectile had landed on the Egyptian side of the border.


ISIS terrorists claimed that Israel Defense Forces (IDF) responded to rocket fire with at least three airstrikes in the northern Sinai Peninsula. The IDF did not respond to the allegation.

ISIS-linked media outlets also reported that Abdullah Kishta – once a senior Hamas terrorist, the Islamist terror group that controls the Gaza Strip – was killed in Sinai.

Kistha had reportedly been working for the last two years as a middleman between Hamas and ISIS in Gaza, including smuggling terrorists in and out.

Reports have emerged over the past year saying that Hamas and ISIS terrorists have been cooperating.


In May, Israeli Major General Yoav Mordechai who serves as Coordinator of Government Activities in the Territories, revealed that Hamas was providing medical treatment to ISIS terrorists in Gaza’s hospitals.


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