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Student arrested at Trump Tower with knife, handcuffs and fireworks

A 19-year-old college student has been arrested at Trump Tower after police discovered he was carrying weapons, a firework, and restraining tools.

Alexander Wang, who studies finance at Baruch College, was stopped on Monday at around 6.35pm and found to be carrying a hunting knife, a wire used for strangling, eight feet of black rope, handcuffs, an M-100 firework and a water pistol.

The items were spotted after Wang – who says he is a Trump fan, put his backpack into a metal detector at the entrance of the heavily guarded building.

Wang – full name Alexander Yan-Nan Wang – told police that he was only in the building because he likes to study there, and that as a survivalist he carries the items with him all the time.

He also told them that he’d visited Trump Tower ten times before while carrying the same items without any problems – including two visits directly after the election.

Wang also claimed to enjoy setting fireworks off down by the East River, and told police that he had more explosives at home.

They raided his dorm room and found more fireworks inside an ammo box.

Police arrested Wang on two counts of weapons possession – for the hunting knife and the wire, or ‘garrote’.

It’s not known exactly what the garrote – a weapon that typically has handles at either end to stop the user’s fingers from being cut on the wire as they strangle their victim – was made from.

Wang is from the city of Poughquag in upstate New York, and was highlighted as ‘Men’s Cross Country Rookie of the Week’ by CUNY Athletic Conference in 2015.

His Facebook posts include photos of a crucifix and a Biblical quote.

Police said they found no evidence that he was linked to any militias or terrorist groups.



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