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Hamas offers missiles to anyone who fights Israel

Gazan terror group Hamas has offered to share its rocket arsenal with any Arab army willing to use them against Israel, Gaza-based Hamas official Fathi Hammad said to Al-Aqsa TV.

Hamas has been manufacturing rockets on an industrial scale since it took control of the Gaza Strip, and has fired tens of thousands of projectiles during the past decade.

Former Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon told a conference in late 2014 that the IDF destroyed 80% of Hamas’s mortars and rockets during Operation Protective Edge, however the group has been restocking ever since, in addition to digging new tunnels under the border with Israel.

Hamas has in recent years developed its own range of missiles, including significantly upgrading its Qassam rockets and developing the longer-range M-75, which can reach Tel Aviv.

In addition, the group has received the know-how to develop Iranian Fajrs, which have a reported payload of up to 175kg worth of explosives, and have in recent years acquired Syrian-made M-302s, which were fired at Jerusalem and the Haifa region during Operation Protective Edge in 2014.

While the vast majority of Hamas’s assorted rockets miss their targets – both military and civilian – Hamas has claimed tens of lives, and hit cities throughout Israel during the three major conflicts since 2007.

Under a blockade since then, Hamas has supplied its rocket-making industry with materials smuggled in by tunnel, sea, and via the Kerem Shalom crossing with Israel – where Israeli security services from time to time uncover trucks loaded with banned dual-use items, concealed among other cargo.

With the Gaza front remaining quiet for almost all of the past 28 months, if Hamas won’t fire its own arsenal, it’s unclear who it thinks will.



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