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Iran opens theme park where children pretend to attack Israel and Western enemies

A new theme park has been opened by the Iranian government, where young children learn to be revolutionaries and fight against the country’s enemies.

Youngsters as young as eight are able to don military uniforms and fight ‘battles’ against the US and Israel at the new attraction in the city of Mashad.

The park is named The City of Games for Revolutionary Children.

Visitors are split into ‘squads’ of up to 10, the World Tribune reports, and go through 12 stages – including sections dedicated to the Iran-Iraq war, defending holy shrines, and walking through minefields.

They also learn about the battle in Syria against ISIS, and throw balls at effigies of the terror group.

And The Sun reports that they are encouraged to fire plastic bullets at an effigy of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Among the shrines children are required to save are the Shrine of Zaynab in Damascus, Syria.

They are also taught about Iranian leaders, including Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini, who founded the Islamic Republic.

Theme park boss Hamid Sadeghi said: ‘At the final station, the children learn that the most important elements for attaining victory are wisdom and intelligence for fighting the enemy.’

Speaking to Raja News in Iran, he said the park has been in ‘great demand’.


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