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Hamas terrorist cell arrested in Jerusalem

The Shin Bet and Israel Police cleared for publication on Friday that they arrested Arab Israelis in eastern Jerusalem for being part of a terrorist cell that was planning attacks in the capital and at an IDF base.

The uncovered terrorist network was located in the neighborhoods of Sur Bahar and Sheikh Jarrah. The authorities suspect that their plans included shooting attacks at an IDF base and in northern Jerusalem. Amongst those Arab terrorists, most of whom are minors, were Hamas terrorists.

The Shin Bet’s investigation revealed that during 2015, while serving prison sentences for violent disturbances of public order, the eight members of the network established a cell to carry out shooting attacks in Jerusalem. The IDF base that they were targeting is on Mount Scopus, adjacent to Hebrew University.

Some members of the cell observed the army base after their release from prison to evaluate the options for a plan of attack. In addition to this, it became clear that some members of the cell were involved in violent riots in the Old City of Jerusalem and on the Temple Mount last Ramadan and during days in memory of terrorists who were recently eliminated during terror attacks in the capital.

The Shin Bet stated, “Thwarting the network prevented the realization of serious terrorist attacks in Jerusalem, and its exposure again demonstrates the great risks of terrorists with Israeli identity cards who enjoy freedom of movement, access to means of warfare, and the relative ease of carrying out attacks.”


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