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Israel struck military air base in Damascus suburbs

Israel conducted airstrikes on a Syrian military airbase before dawn on Wednesday, Lebanese news network Al Mayadeen reports, citing Syrian military sources, after Arabic-language media outlets said a series of explosions and fires had occurred in the suburbs of Damascus.

Some earlier reports said airstrikes targeting a weapons convoy intended for the Lebanese Shiite terror group Hezbollah, which is allied with Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and Iran.

The editor of the English edition of the Al Masdar news site, believed to have ties to the regime, said there had been no attack, attributing the reports to a fire that had apparently broken out in an arms depot.

Mezzeh Military Airport, located in a suburb of Damascus, plays an important strategic role for the Syrian regime and is instrumental in distributing its military supplies.

The reports come less than a day after local media reported that unidentified fighter jets attacked at least three Hezbollah positions in Syrian territory around the city of Al-Zabadani.


Just over a week ago, Syrian state TV said Israeli Air Force planes bombed a Syrian army outpost on the outskirts of Damascus and a Hezbollah weapons convoy on the highway linking Damascus to Beirut.

In line with usual Israeli policy, the government neither confirmed nor denied the report.


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