ISIS releases chilling ‘how to execute a disbeliever’ instruction video

A sickening new tutorial video from ISIS has urged Muslims to take revenge on disbelievers in the US, Britain and France.

The 14-minute instructional clip is entitled an ‘Explanation of How to Slaughter Disbelievers’ features a balaclava-clad terrorists showing the best way to kill those who do not support ISIS.

A man’s throat is severed by a terrorist with a kitchen knife and Kurdish soldier is blown up by a hand-made bomb in the graphic propaganda footage.

The video makes reference to attacks in Germany, Finland, Russia, the United States, France, and Britain and pays homage to terrorists who have carried out massacres in Europe.

A French-speaking ISIS terrorist called Abu Sulayman al-Firansi appears first on screen, saying: ‘We must fight them.

‘Even with the most basic equipment, they have kept crusaders sleepless and worried by fighting for ISIS.’

He then calls on Muslims in France to kill in the name of Allah.


Standing in the background tied as if he was being crucified is an unidentified man wearing a Boehringer Ingelheim pharmaceutical top.

The terrorist uses him as a dummy before handing a knife to a second ISIS fighter who slices his wrist and throat before gutting him in a gruesome murder.

The sick killing is followed by a tutorial of how to kill someone face-to-face or by approaching them from behind.

An English-speaking terrorist labelled Abu Muhammad al-Muhajir then appears on screen to deliver a ranting message in a call to arms.

It cuts to a man in a kitchen with explosives, hinting ISIS were making bombs in their homes, before a captured Kurdish fighter is slaughtered.

Abd Isma’il Muhammad ash-Shaykh, 23, from Raqqa tells of his capture by ISIS before he is filmed running through the desert as bullets are fired at his feet.

After dodging the shells, he is blown up and his dismembered body strewn across the sand.