Theme park among targets listed by ISIS terrorists held in France

A theme park and an unspecified area with a large police presence were among the targets mentioned by seven Muslim terrorists detained by French police over the weekend following an eight-month investigation, French media reported.

Seven terrorists, between 29 and 37 years old, of ‘French’, Moroccan and Afghan origin, were detained, and two have since been released.

Four of them were detained in Strasbourg, and two in Marseille.

Among the terrorists, a few were of particular interest to police: in Strasbourg, Yassine B., who worked at a primary school, and Hicham M., both in their late thirties, traveled to Syria last year, via Cyprus during school holidays.

The students’ parents, as well as colleagues, described Yassine B. as “attentive and charming employee or friend,” iTele reported.

At his place, police found documents pledging allegiance to ISIS, a few phones and SIM cards, as well as a password for the encrypted messaging app Telegram.

In Marseille, Hicham E., 46, a Portuguese resident, was monitored over the past few months for his frequent trips to Europe, according to reports by French media.

During the weekend raid, weapons were discovered, including three pistols and a number of magazines of 9mm rounds.

Two people, who provided accommodation for the terrorists, were released.

Also, investigators from the General Directorate for Internal Security (DGSI, Direction generale de la Securite interieure) found jihadist propaganda texts, with abundant spelling mistakes, iTele reported.