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More than half the 112 anti-Trump protesters arrested in Portland didn’t even vote

More than half of the 112 anti-Trump protesters arrested in Portland didn’t even bother to vote.

At least 70 of the demonstrators either didn’t turn in a ballot or weren’t registered to vote in Oregon, according to state election records.

Only 25 of the people arrested while protesting about Donald Trump being elected as the 45th president of the United States were found to have actually voted.


Work is still underway to verify voting records for the remaining 17 protesters who were arrested, KGW reports.

Protests erupted across the country last Wednesday after Trump won the election and have continued every day since as opponents around the country disavowed the president-elect.

But while the demonstrations continue to rage, one NFL player’s individual protest has finally come to an end.

Mike Evans sat down during the National Anthem at the Bucs vs. Bears game last weekend, saying that he will not stand for a country that elected billionaire businessman Donald Trump as the next president.

‘When Ashton Kutcher comes out and says we’ve been punked, then I’ll stand again. But I won’t stand anymore,’ he warned.


But now he has climbed down from that stance, saying he will stand on Sunday’s game and even offered an apology to anyone he may have offended. He told TMZ today that he had chosen to sit ‘as an expression of my frustration towards this year’s election. It was very personal for me, as it was for so many Americans.’

Last weekend saw some of the anger at Trump’s election boil over into violence as cops were forced to resort to using flash grenades to control the crowds of demonstrators.

In Portland, Oregon, crowds threw burning road flares at officers as cops were forced to resort to using flash grenades to control them.

The department revealed that 71 people had been arrested on Saturday alone, with more arrests made over the following days. Among those arrested was an 18-year-old who was charged with possession of a concealed weapon.

A police vehicle was also spray painted with an anti-Trump message.

The Oregon city has played host to some of the worst of the riots since Trump’s shock election win. A man was shot overnight on Friday as crowds marched around him.

Police are still sharing CCTV images of vandals smashing store fronts and car windows to try to identify those responsible for the chaos.

Portland Mayor Charlie Hales and Police Chief Mike Marshman called for protesters to stay home and to voice their opinions with the election in other ways.

‘Going to the streets for another night is not going to keep Donald Trump from taking office. It isn’t going to change anything,’ Hales said.


‘If you’re upset with the election, please don’t come out and protest. We are done with criminal activity in this city. It’s time to move on and to move forward.’

Elsewhere, hundreds gathered outside City Hall in Los Angeles to face off against riot police after a daytime march with drew 8,000 people on Saturday.

Other rallies took place in Atlanta, Salt Lake City, Washington DC, and Phoenix, as the anti-Trump backlash continued to grow.

In Indianapolis, crowds chanted ‘kill the police’ as they threw rocks at officers in a separate protest.

About 2,000 protesters also marched along Fifth Avenue in Manhattan shouting ‘not my president’ and other slogans.



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  1. Typical of so called antifascist people generating Chaos like the German Antifa. Bread of spoiled children by non-authoritarian education by progressive Liberal parents, not pushing kids to make serious studies for learning a useful profession.


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