Jerusalem mayor requests to raze illegal Arab homes in East Jerusalem

The Jerusalem municipality on Wednesday petitioned the High Court of Justice to revoke an extension on a demolition order and allow the city to immediately destroy 14 illegally built structures in East Jerusalem.

In these buildings, in the neighborhood of Beit Hanina, live 40 Arab families who are sitting on private property managed by a management trustee of the State of Israel. In the request, the municipality also asks to remove all bureaucratic red tape to expedite demolition orders that have been delayed for years.


The city explains that what lead to this request, was the Supreme Court’s Amona ruling. A city official who spoke with Channel 2 News Online explained, “We no longer need any council and it is our responsibility to protect these homes.” He said, “This situation is identical to that in Amona.”


Barakat discussed the matter in a similar tone, “The ruling for Amona leaves us with no further need to discuss the legality of the matter.” He stated, “If the Amona matter isn’t handled, our hands are tied and we will be required to demolish hundreds, if not thousands of homes in Jerusalem. There is not one law for Jews and another for Arabs.”