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US: Muslim Uber driver is charged with raping 17-year-old

A 17-year-old girl was allegedly raped by an Uber driver after falling asleep while on her way home to Laguna Beach, California.

The Orange County District Attorney’s Office said Samer Alaaeldin Mahran, 23, was giving the victim a ride home from a bar in nearby Huntington Beach when he allegedly assaulted her after parking up near her home.

KTLA reported that a relative ordered a ride home for the girl at 2am on Saturday, using the Uber app.

But when she did not arrive home another family member used Uber’s tracking featured to find Mr Mahran’s car.

The DA’s office said the relative found the car and allegedly found Mr Mahran in the back seat with the victim.

After the intoxicated girl was removed from the cab Mr Mahran drove off but was later arrested after the relative called 911.

Mr Mahran has been charged with a felony count of rape by use of drugs, one felony count of forcible oral copulation upon a minor over 14 years of age, one felony count of sexual penetration of a child over age 14 by foreign object and force, and one felony count of unlawful sexual intercourse.

He posted bail of $100,000 and was released yesterday morning but is due back in court in Santa Ana next month, pending his trial in the New Year.

Uber, and its rival Lyft, both take precautions to screen their drivers and promote safety but their drivers are not vetted in the same way as licensed cab drivers.


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One thought on “US: Muslim Uber driver is charged with raping 17-year-old Leave a comment

  1. “…but their drivers are not vetted in the same way as licensed cab drivers…”

    Nor are Uber drivers vetted the same way as the Licensed cab drivers. What yellow journalism. You suggest that the state is somehow omnipotent, when the fact is that the state is the freaking entity that purposely brought these criminals in. (Look at what they have done to Europe) The state knew things like this would happen. It is what they planned.


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