Hillary supporters burn American flags in protest of President-elect Trump

Thousands took to the streets in protest, burning flags and effigies of the president elect and chanting “f**k your wall”

Crowds of angry protesters have taken to streets across the United States chanting “Not Our President” while setting fires and smashing windows.

Thousands of people turned out to protest against Donald Trump’s victory in the US election.

In the billionaire businessman’s home city of New York, demonstrators they made their way to Trump Tower blasting his controversial campaign rhetoric about immigrants, Muslims and other groups.

Many demonstrators chanted “not my president” and “f**k your wall.”

Brandon, a protester from Maryland, said: “Even though we can’t really change anything and we have to accept what has happened, we want them to know that we’re pissed. This is awful.

“And even though we can’t change anything, it feels good to stand together with my brothers, my sisters, the people that share my beliefs and let everyone know that we are not ok with this.”

Layla, from New York, added: “He’s the epitome of a system that’s broken down into virtual reality where we’re going on these false notions and premises and nobody knows what’s real or why anymore and it’s the painful underbelly that we need to wash away.”

Hillary Clinton supporters were filmed setting fire to the US flag while marching through the streets of Portland, Oregon, shouting “F*** Donald Trump”.

The Portland protest began soon after he claimed victory, at times blocking traffic with arms raised.

The protest was peaceful, with the demonstrators venting their anger through their chanting.

Footage also emerged of activists setting tyres and rubbish bins on fire, blocking main roads and lighting flares.

People also burned an effigy of the President-elect, who will be officially sworn into office in January.