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ISIS prisoner is blasted to pieces with an artillery gun

This is the shocking moment an ISIS prisoner was blasted to pieces with an artillery gun in Syria.

Footage shows the captive kneeling in a clearing in eastern Syria before jihadists take aim with the powerful battlefield weapon.

ISIS terrorists show the horrifying moment of impact in slow motion during a propaganda video, which also features two beheadings.

In a film called ‘Allah will be sufficient for you against them 2’, the man is paraded in an orange jumpsuit while armed terrorists dressed in black stand guard.

Sickening footage then shows his body being torn apart by the impact of a heavy round.


The film is understood to have been made in an ISIS-occupied area on the Euphrates River near the border with Iraq.

The prisoners were reportedly accused of being US-trained members of the New Syrian Army, which has been battling to rid the country of ISIS.


They are branded ‘spies’ before an ISIS executioner repeatedly hacks at the neck of a prisoner, eventually beheading him before thrusting the knife in to his corpse.

A second prisoner then has his throat cut before he too is beheaded. ISIS fanatics then claim they have secured a list of everyone in the New Syrian Army.

The video begins by showing images of US President Barack Obama talking about Iraq.


Pictures of a number of US military chiefs are then shown, including Army Generals Lloyd James Austin, Joseph Leonard Votel, Michael Nagata, and Christopher Burns, Heavy reports.


ISIS seized swathes of Syria and Iraq in 2014, but has since been pushed back by armed groups including Kurdish fighters as well as Iraqi and Syrian government forces.


Iraqi forces reportedly fought their way into Mosul this morning as moves to reclaim the ISIS stronghold continued to gather pace.


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