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Texas: Man dressed as Freddy Krueger crashes Halloween party and shoots 5 people

A man dressed as Freddy Krueger crashed a Halloween party in San Antonio, Texas this weekend and proceeded to shoot five revelers when he was asked to leave.

The incident happened at a home on the west side of the city around 5am Sunday morning, when a group of men showed up at the party uninvited.

When the men started causing trouble, the homeowner took the group outside and asked them to leave.

That’s when one of the men – dressed as the Nightmare on Elm Street villain Freddy Krueger – took out a shot gun and shot five people.

Cassie Nogueron, who has lived on the same street for about three years, told KSAT that she heard the gunshots early Sunday morning.

‘I know the sound of gunshots. We go to the gun range and you recognize the sound. It’s loud. It’s scary,’ Norgueron said. ‘We just heard them and thought, “Oh no! What’s going on?”‘

After making sure her family was safe, she went outside to see what was doing on.


‘People running to their cars, running away or running to the people that were hurt,’ Nogueron told KHOU. ‘My gut instinct was to see does anybody need help was everybody okay.’

The four male victims were taken to the hospital – three of them to University Hospital and another to Baptist Medical Center.


The female victim tried to drive herself to the hospital but crashed along the way. She was eventually taken to  Downtown Baptist Hospital.

Their injuries have been described as non-life-threatening.


Meanwhile, police continue to search for the shooter and another suspect.  They have only been described as black men.


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