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State seeks 15 years for scissor-wielding terrorist

Discussions were held Thursday afternoon regarding the sentencing of Norhin Awad, a 17-year-old female Arab terrorist who committed a terror attack last year near Jerusalem’s popular Mahane Yehuda Market using a pair of scissors.

The terrorist, originally from the east Jerusalem neighborhood of Kafr Aqab, agreed to a plea bargain of attempted murder.


However, the Jerusalem District Attorney asked that the court impose a 15-year prison despite a request made by the defense for leniency, arguing that she did not actually carry out the stabbing, and because she has expressed regret.

While failing to actually stab anyone, Nohrin, who was 16 at the time, participated in the attack at the initiative of her 14-year-old cousin Hadil Wajiya Awad from Qalandiya, who said she wished to avenge the death of her brother, a terrorist who was killed during riots in 2013.

The incident for which Norhin was indicted took place on November 23, 2015 when the two terrorists left their homes with their school bags so as to avoid arousing their families’ suspicion.

After praying at al-Aqsa mosque and then making their way by bus to a Jerusalem light rail station on Jaffa Street—a central area in downtown Jerusalem—Hadil and Norhin each pulled out a pair of scissors and stabbed a 70-year-old Arab man from Bethlehem and another woman.


Norhin, who brandished the scissors but never actually stabbed anyone, later said that her biggest regret was that she did not attempt to dissuade her younger cousin from committing the attack. Nevertheless, she was charged with attempted murder and one count of possession of a knife.

The incident was eventually brought to a close when a police officer nearby arrived on the scene and shot the two terrorists, killing Hadil and wounding Nohrin.





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