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Russia’s nanny-jihadist who beheaded 4-year-old girl is not a terrorist, court to be told

A Muslim nanny’s admission that she beheaded a four-year-old child to avenge Vladimir Putin ‘spilling the blood’ of Muslims in Syria appears to have been removed from the evidence at her Moscow trial.

In shocking testimony soon after she decapitated the girl with a kitchen knife, Gyulchehra Bobokulova, 39, told her police interrogators that Kremlin military actions had triggered her horrific attack.

After beheading helpless Anastasia Meshcheryakova, the burka-clad babysitter strode around the city waving the girl’s severed head in the air, shouting ‘Allah Akbar’ and threatening to blow herself up.

Her leaked statement on the murder, to which she immediately confessed on 29 February, suggested a direct political motive.


She also claimed God ordered her to kill the disabled girl. Clutching the severed head, she shouted: ‘I am a terrorist’.

As her trial started this week, her court-appointed lawyer Alexander Goverdovsky revealed prosecutors will offer no evidence suggesting she acted under the influence of radical Islam or on behalf of a terror organisation.

He told reporters that he ‘did not see any information’ suggesting such a motive in the case files which form the court testimony, which he has studied in detail.

Instead, Bobokulova has been diagnosed with a ‘chronic psychiatric disorder’, namely paranoid schizophrenia, and ruled not mentally capable.

The court is not expected to investigate whether she had any political or religious motive or whether her vendetta against Putin was a factor – despite her earlier statements.

On Monday she told judge Viktoria Koteneva, ‘I plead guilty’, when asked how she responded to charges of murdering a child, arson, and making bomb threats.

Soon after her trial began on Monday, the judge went into closed sessions, so the media and public could not follow it.


Bobokulova will most likely be sent to a psychiatric hospital rather than prison to undergo ‘forced compulsory medical measures’.

In her initial testimony – which was leaked to the Moscow media – she told an unnamed police investigator that she had a clear motive.

She said: ‘I took revenge. Putin spilled [the blood], he bombed with planes. Why on Muslim people? Why are you bombing?

She also claimed to have watched beheadings by militant groups on her computer, saying: ‘I saw online how they were cutting off heads. This hatred.

‘I saw how they cut off heads and I did it. There was a voice in my head: “Do it to the girl”. I killed the girl, yes. But I don’t need treatment.’

Anti-Putin campaigner Anexei Navalny has claimed that Bobokulova looked lucid and ‘not very crazy’.

But Putin’s spokesman Dmitry Peskov told reporters: ‘I’m not an expert or a judge but it is obvious that we are definitely talking about a woman who is mentally unsound.

‘You need to regard anything that such a deranged woman says accordingly.’


The court will instead hear evidence that she became upset because she found out that her Tajik lover, Mamur Dzhurakulov, who she married under Sharia Law, already had a wife. This ‘pushed her towards the crime’, it is claimed.

The Investigative Committee – Russian equivalent of the FBI – will tell the court that there is no evidence she committed the crime at the behest of a terrorist group or was in touch with militants.

Her teenage son Rakhmatillo testified to say his mother became radicalised after meeting 48-year-old Dzhurakulov .

He said she told him of her plans to go to join ISIS, adding:’She told me that she wanted to do the Hajj and move to Syria because she would be able to wear a hijab, live in line with Sharia Law, study Islamic law.

‘Once I’d trained in a militant camp, I could become a mujahedin fighter and do jihad.’

Media reports that contacts of extremists were found on her mobile was denied by the committee.

Detectives scoured 500 pages of transcripts from her social media conversations but found no evidence of terror links, it is reported.

The nanny is a citizen of Uzbekistan.


She has boasted that being sent to a psychiatric hospital is an easier option than prison where she might have served 25 years.

‘I know everything,’ she said.

‘I have to undergo compulsory treatment for three years and then they will let me go.’

A psychiatrist working with her said: ‘She has not attacked anybody (in jail) during the last three months.

‘But this is thanks to intensive therapy only.

‘If she stops taking her pills right now, I cannot guarantee how she will behave. The chance of another crime is 50-50.’


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