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Israel strikes Gaza targets in response to earlier rocket fire

The IDF announced that the Israeli Air Force attacked terror infrastructure belonging to Hamas in the northern area of the Gaza Strip following rocket fire from the Hamas-controlled enclave.

The rocket fire, which occurred early Monday morning at the start of the Simchat Torah holiday, was in the direction of the Sha’ar Hanegev Regional Council and prompted Code Red sirens to sound in the area.


Following a search, the IDF Spokesperson’s Unit announced that the rocket had not fallen in Israeli territory and most likely fell within the Gaza Strip. Furthermore, the IDF noted that it holds the Hamas terrorist organization solely responsible for actions in the Gaza Strip.

The holiday season has largely been quiet near the Gaza Strip, despite several rockets and subsequent retaliatory responses by the IDF in the weeks leading up to the holidays. Three weeks ago, a Qassam rocket exploded on a road near a school in Sderot. Three people were treated for shock. The IDF responded by striking at dozens of targets in the Gaza Strip, among them Hamas strategic assets. A similar incident occurred in August, drawing retaliatory strikes following rocket fire toward Sderot.

This is the fourth rocket to fall in Sderot and the 42nd to be fired since the end of Operation Protective Edge two years ago. In most cases, rogue elements within in the Gaza Strip, some of whom identify with ISIS, were responsible for the rocket fire. This is in contradiction to Hamas, which largely attempts to maintain quiet in order to prepare for the next confrontation against Israel.




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