Palestinian Authority releases 4 Arabs who were detained after visiting sukkah in Efrat

Four Arabs, who the Palestinian Authority security forces arrested Thursday after visiting the sukkah of Efrat Mayor Oded Revivi, were released Sunday night.

“With the intervention of COGAT, the Palestinian Authority, who were arrested following their visit to a sukkah, were released,” read a statement from the Coordinator of Government Activities in the Territories (COGAT), a branch of the defense ministry.

The four Arabs visited Revivi’s sukkah as a part of a group of 30 Arabs from the Bethlehem and Hevron area.


Following their visit, pictures of some of the Arabs standing along side soldiers spread across social media. Shortly thereafter, PA security forces arrested them.

The PA’s deputy governor of the Bethlehem Governorate Muhammed Taha told Wattan TV on Thursday that he condemns the Arabs’ visit to the succa.


“All Palestinians condemn the [visit], and visiting settlers is completely unacceptable,” he said, adding that the PA will hold the Arabs who participated accountable.

It was still unclear if any charges have been pressed against the Arabs who visited the sukkah.