Hamas terrorist killed in terror tunnel collapse in Gaza

A Hamas terrorist with the Izz al-Din al-Qassam Brigades was killed in a terror tunnel collapse in the Gaza strip Saturday.

A statement from Hamas’ armed wing named the terrorist as Anas Salameh Abu Lashin, a resident of al-Maghazi in central Gaza.

A number of tunnels have collapsed inside the Gaza this year, most recently in August.

Hamas, the terrorist movement, which controls Gaza, and other terrorist groups such as the Islamic Jihad have a network of tunnels in the Israeli territory for terrorist purposes.

Israel destroyed 34 such terror attack tunnels, at least one of which was used to launch an attack on Israeli soldiers within Israel, during 2014 war with Hamas.

Hamas confirmed in June that it is rebuilding its terror tunnels and residents of southern Israel’s communities bordering on Gaza have reported once again hearing digging sounds under their homes.


Egypt, which shares a border with Gaza, has also destroyed tunnels Gazans use to smuggle commercial goods, cash, people and weapons to ISIS linked terrorists in Sinai.