Interior Minister revokes citizenship of Arab plotting terror attacks

Interior Minister Aryeh Deri ordered on Thursday to revoke the citizenship status of 40-year-old Arab Hani Abu Amra from Tel Sheva, who belonged to a terror cell which plotted to blow up a wedding hall in southern Israel.

“The situation in which residents are exploiting their status to try and commit terror attacks and kill Israelis is something I am going to fight relentlessly,” Deri stated. “I will take any legal measure I can against these assailants.”

Abu Amra was given a temporary resident status in 2000 after marrying an Israeli citizen.

The Shin Bet arrested four Arab terrorists last month, planning to carry out a large scale terror attack in an events hall in Be’er Sheva and kidnapping an IDF soldier, it was cleared for publication Thursday.

According to the indictment issued against the four, they planned to throw grenades into a crowd of dancers celebrating at the Narnia events hall and to use weapons they would hide in trash cans ahead of the attack before fleeing the scene. They also considered detonating pipe bombs concealed under the dining tables.

Moreover, they began accumulating funds to perpetrate a separate attack involving the abduction of an IDF soldier from the city’s central bus station who they intended to kill and use his remains to solicit concessions from Israel.

The four terrorists stand accused of, among other things, establishing contact with a foreign agent, divulging intelligence to enemies, fraud, residing in Israel without legal documentation and activities with unlawful organizations.