Arab terrorist who stabbed female police officer: ‘Celebrate me’

The 20 year-old Arab terrorist who stabbed a police officer last month critically injuring her, was indicted Thursday in a Jerusalem District Court for attempted murder and possession of a knife.

On September 19th, the Arab terrorist followed two police officers near the Damascus Gate, pulled out a knife and stabbed them. One officer was moderately injured while the other officer was critically wounded.


According to the indictment, following the death of the terrorist’s cousin in a shooting in Hevron, he decided “to conduct a terror attack and die a martyr’s death.” Following this decision, he wrote a will to his family and urged them to celebrate his death.

“My mother, my heart, my soul and my life, do not cry and do not be angry and pray for me to die a martyr’s death,” reads the will. “What I want is not to cry, I want you and my aunt to throw me a party, and I want to hear celebrating. Know that I didn’t do this for anyone else, but because I wanted to. I thought about this before the death of Ramsay.”

The force of the blows to the officer’s neck broke the knife the terrorist was using, lodging the blade in the officer’s spine. At this point, the second police officer drew his weapon and managed to shoot the terrorist and neutralize him.