Turk arrested for security-related offenses deported

A 32-year-old Turkish citizen who was detained for questioning on September 29 on suspicion of security-related offenses was deported back to Turkey from Israel on Wednesday.

Orhan Buyruk, a Muslim, worked for a tourism company and allegedly came to Israel for religious reasons and to pray in Jerusalem. Both before and during his visit, he expressed hostile intentions, principally on social media. The Shin Bet thus decided to detain him for investigation.


As his actions did not go beyond declarations, it was decided that he would not be indicted, and his deportation from Israel was considered sufficient sanction.


The Israeli authorities transferred Buyruk to the Turkish Embassy, which sent him home.

On his Facebook timeline, he wrote, “I was released after 21 days, and I’m boarding the 10:35 plane. I thank everybody for the support and the prayers.”