UNESCO draft resolution on Jerusalem to be cancelled

A UNESCO draft solution adopted last week which failed to acknowledge a Jewish connection to the Temple Mount is set to be cancelled and discussions reopened on the matter.

According to the Secretariat of Foreign Affairs of Mexico, which voted in favor of the contentious resolution on Jerusalem, Mexico has taken issue with the section of the resolution referring to Jerusalem’s holy sites only by their Islamic names.

Mexico is seeking to withdraw and change its previous vote therefore just one day before the UNESCO executive board is set to close proceedings on the resolution.

Simultaneously, the Israeli Foreign Ministry announced that Mexico had switched their representative to UNESCO following a diplomatic scene in which Mexico’s representative to UNESCO—who is also Jewish—refused to vote in favor of the resolution and left the room.


Israel’s envoy to UNESCO, Carmel Shama-Hacohen, said, “We will not give up and fight to the end against all odds. Yesterday, I was in contact with the Mexican envoy who touched my heart and informed me in our last conversation that his dismissal is inevitable, but at least we can smile because we succeeded in changing Mexico’s position in the future.

“His dismissal is not good news for us, as he is a true friend of Israel, but a change in the historic voting pattern of Mexico is a moral and diplomatic achievement for Israel and a continued trend of erosion for support of the resolution.”