Palestinian Authority kids’ drawings: Israel drinks blood of Palestinians

Fatah has posted several children’s drawings on Facebook. The drawings clearly show the success of Palestinian Authority and Fatah brainwashing children to believe that Israel only seeks to harm them, violence is good and that all of Israel really is “Palestine.”

Labeling the drawings “innocent drawings” that “express the feelings of children of Palestine,” Fatah posted the drawing above showing Israel, as indicated by a Star of David, eating a Palestinian body wrapped in the Palestinian flag. Blood is seen coming from the body, and a glass of blood is next to the plate.

Another drawing by a Palestinian Authority child showed a crucified woman wearing the colors of the Palestinian flag, with her body in the shape of the PA map of “Palestine” that presents all of Israel as “Palestine” together with the PA areas. The crucifixion also repeats the analogy that Palestinians are Martyr victims like Jesus.


Yet other drawings showed support for violence as legitimate means of ‘Palestinian’ opposition to Israel. One child drew a ‘Palestinian’ with a slingshot, another drew a hand with a rifle. These drawings echo the PA and Fatah’s encouragement of the use of violence against Israel and their glorification of terrorists as heroes.


Other drawings repeated the world view that all of Israel is “Palestine,” showing the PA map of “Palestine” which completely erases the existence of Israel and its legitimacy.


This message is repeated endlessly by the PA and Fatah. Children are told that “it will all return to us” on kids’ TV programs. The PA National Security Forces regularly post photos from all over Israel presenting the places as “Palestine,” and even crossword puzzles portray Israeli cities as “occupied Palestine.”

A few of the drawings included doves, some calling for “peace and freedom.” A major focus of Palestinian Authority policy today is to demand freedom for all imprisoned Palestinian terrorists including murderers. One drawing specifies “Freedom for Ahmad Manasrah” – a child terrorist who stabbed and critically wounded two Israelis, one of them a 13-year-old boy.