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Germany: Syrian airport bomb plot terrorist found dead in police custody

An ISIS migrant who planned a bomb attack at an airport in Germany has taken his own life while in police custody.

Jaber Albakr, 22, was found hanged in his cell, according to German media reports.

He was detained on Sunday in Leipzig in eastern Germany after three days on the run following a tip-off that he may have been looking for associates in the city.


Saxony’s state Justice Ministry spokesman Joerg Herold said that Albakr killed himself sometime in the evening, but that the incident was still being investigated.

A statement on the ministry website read: ‘Jaber Albakr, who was suspected of planning a serious attack, took his life in the detention centre at Leipzig correctional hospital.’

According to German news website Spiegel, he had been under round-the-clock surveillance due to an acute risk of suicide and hunger strike.

He had built ‘a virtual bomb-making lab’ in a flat in Chemnitz and was thought to have planned an attack against either one of Berlin’s two airports or a transport hub in his home state of Saxony, security sources said.

Albakr was caught after Syrians he met at a city train station via an online forum on refugee accommodation recognised his face from ‘wanted’ posters and invited him home before tying him up and raising the alarm.

Pictures from the house show that when he was captured, he had shaved off all of his hair in a bid to evade police.

One man was seen holding Albakr in a headlock while his feet are tied together using a cable from an electrical appliance.

It is believed that after his two countrymen realised he was wanted, they also knelt on him until the police arrived.

394227AF00000578-3830270-image-a-4_1476083215316 (1).jpg

After the arrest, police said the refugee was probably linked to ISIS and that the explosives were ‘almost ready, or even ready for usage’ – possibly in the form of a suicide vest.

A major manhunt had been launched for Albakr, who is believed to have links to ISIS, after police raided an apartment in the city of Chemnitz and 1.5kg of ‘an explosive substance more dangerous than TNT’.

‘We’ve succeeded, really overjoyed: the terror suspect Albakr was arrested overnight in Leipzig,’ police said on Twitter yesterday.

The arrest came just hours after commandos raided two separate flats and detained another terrorist in the hunt for the Syrian.

Police used stun grenades as they stormed one of the buildings in Chemnitz on Sunday afternoon.

While Albakr lived in a town called Einlenburg, some 70 miles from Chemnitz, he used a flat in Chemnitz to construct the bombs.


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