Shin Bet thwarts bus suicide bombing in Jerusalem

A 22-year-old Arab resident of the Shuafat neighborhood in East Jerusalem has been arrested and indicted for planning to carry out a massive suicide bombing attack in the capital last month, it was cleared for publication Tuesday by the Shin Bet.


The arrest of the would-be terrorist—Muhammad Fauaz Ibrahim Joulani—came following a joint operation with the Shin Bet and the Israel Police.


The investigation revealed that Joulani, a Hamas member, contacted terrorists from the terror organization controlling Gaza and expressed his will to carry out attacks on its behalf.


Joulani was asked to recruit additional accomplices to conduct terrorist attacks and managed to compile and send a list of names to his handlers in Gaza.

The investigation further revealed that terrorist had a number of ideas for potential terror attacks such as a shooting attack at the Hizma checkpoint, a bombing at a Jerusalem store in which he had worked in 2011, throwing a pipe bomb at the Shuafat checkpoint. He also considered carrying out a bombing attack at the Jerusalem Central Bus Station and the busy Malha Mall.

The latter plan was abandoned as a result of increased security measures at both locations. Looking to strike less secure targets, the terrorist planned to revert back to a strategy which had been the central characteristic of the Second Intifada. To that end,he planned a suicide attack on a bus line in the Pisgat Ze’ev neighborhood of Jerusalem.