Hertzog denies report of moves towards unity government

Opposition chief Isaac Herzog on Tuesday denied an earlier report that “significant progress” had been made towards creating a unity government.

Rumors have spread for months about talks between the head of the opposition, Zionist Union Chairperson Isaac Herzog, and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

The parties that make up Netanyahu’s government, formed after elections in March 2015, hold 66 of the 120 seats in Israel’s legislature.

According to a Tuesday report by Channel 10, the center-left Zionist Union – the largest party in the opposition – would receive eight cabinet portfolios if a unity government is created. These would include the foreign ministry, which would likely go to Herzog, and the culture ministry.

Current Culture Minister Miri Regev would likely be given the intelligence portfolio, according to the Channel 10 report.

Channel 10 said the parties involved in the talks had agreed to work to convene a regional conference on Israeli-Palestinian Authority negotiations.