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Cross-dressing ISIS terrorist is caught trying to sneak out of re-captured Iraqi town in drag

A cross-dressing ISIS terrorist was caught trying to sneak out of a re-captured Iraqi town in drag – and carrying a USB packed with names of jihadists.

Abu Omar al-Assafi was installed by ISIS to govern Sharqat in northern Iraq after the terror group swept through the country in 2014.

But Iraqi security forces found him trying to escape the area after the town was liberated last week. He was reportedly disguised as a woman and hiding among civilians.

When Iraqi security forces made the arrest, they discovered a memory stick containing details of key terrorists, including their names, nicknames and addresses.

According to Iraqi News, the USB also contained chilling instructions for ISIS terrorists to burn houses of residents – and make it look as though Iraqi forces had carried out the destruction.

Iraq announced last Thursday that its forces had recaptured the northern town from ISIS in an operation launched ahead of a push for the city of Mosul.

Security forces began the operation days earlier aimed at reopening key supply lines needed for the battle to retake second city Mosul from the jihadists.


Iraqi forces ‘completely liberated the Sharqat district and raised the Iraqi flag over the government headquarters’ in the town, the country’s Joint Operations Command said in a statement that hailed the speed of the operation.

Both Iraqi aircraft and the US-led coalition provided air support for the operation, the statement said.

The town lies on the west bank of the Tigris river in Salaheddin province, 160 miles north west of Baghdad and around 50 miles south of Mosul.

Iraqi forces bypassed Sharqat to retake a key military base to its north as well as the neighbouring town of Qayyarah, but then turned their attention to the continued ISIS presence behind their front lines.



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