UK: 33-year-old Muslim terrorist arrested planning attack

Counter-terrorism detectives investigating fears about planning for a terrorist attack have arrested a terrorist in a Cardiff street.

The Muslim terrorist, 33, was detained in the third operation in a month to lead to an arrest in Britain to disrupt an Islamist plot.

The arrest was made by detectives from Scotland Yard’s counter-terrorism command.

Two addresses were being searched in the Welsh capital, at least one of which is residential and linked to the arrested terrorist.

The terrorist was arrested for commission, preparation and instigation of terrorist acts under section 41 of the Terrorism Act 2000.

Under the provision “a constable may arrest without a warrant a person whom he reasonably suspects to be a terrorist”.

The intelligence development underpinning the investigation was led by the domestic intelligence service, MI5. Counter-terrorism detectives from London and Wales were also involved in an operation described as “pre-planned and as a result of a pro-active investigation”.

Last month, police made arrests in Birmingham amid fears of a potential attack plot, leading to four terrorists being charged, and earlier this month detectives made arrests in London, leading to one terrorist being charged.

In a statement about the Cardiff arrest, police said: “The arrest, which took place in the street in Cardiff, was pre-planned and as a result of a pro-active investigation by the Metropolitan police service counter-terrorism command supported by the Wales extremism and counter-terrorism unit.”

The UK threat level from Islamist terrorism has been at severe since 2014, meaning an attack is assessed as being highly likely. The main reason for the heightened level of threat is the potency of ISIS and its desire to stage attacks against western targets.