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‘Their generation will conquer Rome, Baghdad and Jerusalem’ – latest ISIS propaganda

A chilling video has been released by jihadi propagandists which shows how ‘Cubs of the Caliphate’ – children looking as young as five – are being brainwashed into becoming the next wave of ISIS fighters.

The narrator refers to them as ‘the generation that will conquer Baghdad, Jerusalem, Mecca and Rome’.

On a tour of a sharia institution, run by the Islamic State in the Al-Khayr province of Syria – according to the Middle East Media Research Institute, which posted and translated the video – young boys are asked about their dreams and aspirations.


One child says: ‘I want to be a martyrdom-seeker… thus heeding the words of the Prophet Muhammad: “The martyrs that Allah loves most are the ones who fight in the front lines, and do not turn their back until they are killed.”‘

Another says: ‘I want to be a martyrdom-seeking religious scholar, like my brother.’


Images of the ‘infidel’ child’s way of life – listening to modern music and singing – are contrasted with the Islamic State’s approach, which urges children to study the Quran.

A ‘cub’ then approaches some bare-chested boys splashing around in a river – their trousers rolled up.

He tells them they are not allowed to swim in such clothes because ‘their private parts can be seen’.


‘If a woman passes by, would you like her to see you this way? Put your shirt on,’ he continues.

Another child strikes up a conversation with an elderly man – not for an innocent chat but to berate him.

‘Uncle,’ he says. ‘You need to grow a beard.’


Equally worrying is the footage of young boys joining their ‘brothers fighting on the front lines’.

Children as young as five are seen jogging military-style; others hold guns.

The narration continues: ‘The tyrants strive to make the sons of Muslims deviate from their religion… to promote Satan’s merchandise so that these children will become soldiers of the Crusaders.

‘The Islamic State is proud to have planted true Islam within these cubs who will be in the midst of the battles in a few years.’

The video concludes: ‘Even if we are all eradicated and no one survives, these cubs will carry the banner of Jihad and will complete the journey.’



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