Neutralized 12-year-old jihadist: “Where would I bring a knife from? I am, afterall, a small girl.”

Two days after being shot by alerted soldiers at a checkpoint in Samaria, the 12-year-old Arab terrorist says that she simply wanted to see how her auntie was killed—and didn’t plan to die. “I never said things like this,” said Bara’a Owaisi to Channel 2 journalist Ohad Hamo Thursday, after witnesses confirmed that said “I came to die.”

Owaisi, from the nest of terrorists of Qalqilya, recounted how she had made her way to the Eliyahu checkpoint near Alfei Menashe in Samaria on Wednesday morning, where she was shot in the leg after she intended to carry out a terror attack.

“From the day that my auntie was killed I wanted to go and see how they killed her. As I continued the Jew spoke to me in Hebrew and I didn’t understand him,” she said. “They thought I had a knife but where would I bring a knife from? I am, afterall, a small girl.”

According to the little jihadist, she never intended to avenge her auntie’s death, who was killed half a year ago at the same checkpoint. “To take revenge? What does it mean to take revenge? What connection do I have to these things? What are you talking about, revenge?’ the wanna be terrorist asked.

Her father expressed his anger at the fact that the soldiers had opened fire on the terrorist: “I am angry. How can you fire on a young girl like this aged 12 and injure her like this? I went crazy, I couldn’t believe how a girl could go all the way to the checkpoint,” he said.

The security personnel saw the teen-terrorist approaching, carrying a bag which they feared could contain an explosive device and therefore called on her to stop a number of times. Failing to heed their warnings, they fired two warning shots into the air.

Nevertheless, Owaisi continued in their directio and suddenly inserted her hand into her shirt just a short distance away, prompting the guards to shoot her once in her leg and leaving her slightly wounded.