Attempted stabbing attack in Samaria, female Arab terrorist neutralized

A stabbing attack was thwarted Wednesday morning next to Alfei Menashe in western Samaria.

A female Arab terrorist carrying a knife attempted to attack Israelis at the Eliyahu checkpoint, but was shot and neutralized. There were no injuries in the attack.

The terrorist, a 13-year-old teen-terrorist, was shot and neutralized at the scene. Following an investigation, she told security officials “I came here to die.” There were no injuries to security forces.

The Ministry of Defense said that the teen-terrorist came by foot to the checkpoint and approached vehicles carrying a bag. Crossings Authority security guards ordered the girl to stop and fired warning shots in the air. The girl continued moving forward and when she put her hand under her shirt, security guards shot her in the leg. Her condition is being described as wounded light to moderate.

This is the 11th attempted attack in the last six days.

No IDF forces were injured.