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Stabbing attack thwarted in Hevron, bus attacked in Jerusalem – Wave of terror continues

An Arab terrorist has been arrested by IDF soldiers after being caught with a knife in Hevron on Monday evening. No injuries have been reported.

The terrorist was neutralized without the use of force and has been taken in for questioning. No soldiers were injured.

Meanwhile, a bus has been the target of a stone throwing attack by Arab terrorists in the Jerusalem neighborhood of Wadi al-Joz.

The bus driver is lightly wounded, and the Jerusalem Police are looking for the rock-thrower terrorists.

Earlier on Monday evening Arab terrorists threw a firebombs at passing cars at the Gush Etzion junction. Hatzalah of Judea and Samaria said there were no injuries, and searches are being undertaken to find the terrorists.


Terrorists threw rocks at vehicles passing Maale Amos in Gush Etzion and south of Shechem as a well.

The US State Department issued a travel warning to east Jerusalem following Monday’s terror incidents. The warning stated that the reason for this is recent terror events in Jerusalem’s Old City, and said that civilians should avoid visiting areas in which there is a heavy police presence. American citizens were specifically warned to avoid going to the Old City’s gates – particularly the Lions’ Gate, Damascus Gate, and Herod’s Gate.

Earlier in the evening, Jerusalem District Police Commander, Deputy Commissioner Yoram Halevy, addressed the recent wave of attacks and said that police will continue to close streets and stores after attacks. “We will close stores in any sector after an attack takes place so that we can sterilize the area.”

Halevy was referring to the fact that during the day, after terrorist attacks in Herod’s Gate, east Jerusalem Police closed the Sultan Suleiman street shops. Police stressed that the decision was based on “operational considerations in order to establish information and complete the investigation of the attack.” After several hours and an official police assessment, police decided to reopen the route and shops.

Two terrorists attempted to stab Border Police officers at the Cave of the Patriarchs in Hevron earlier on Monday afternoon. They were shot and very seriously injured before they could harm anyone. One attacker was declared dead at the scene, while the second was pronounced dead in hospital.


Also, a 38-year-old policewoman and a 47-year-old policeman were wounded in a stabbing attack at Herod’s Gate in Jerusalem’s Old City Monday morning; Magen David Adom (MDA) reported that the two were left in critical and serious condition respectively.


The attack took place shortly after 7:30am. The Arab terrorist apparently approached from the direction of Damascus Gate when he spotted the two members of the police. He followed them and stabbed them multiple times with a knife. Police spokeswoman Luba Samri said that the policewoman was stabbed in the neck.




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