Nazi ‘time capsule’ found buried in cement at Hitler’s former training school

A black cylinder full of sinister Nazi mementos has been discovered buried in concrete in a former training centre built for Hitler’s followers.

The ‘time capsule’ was found in the Polish town of Zlocieniec – which was part of Germany until 1945.

Although it was long known to have been buried at the Ordensburg Krossinsee centre, currently used by the Polish Army, archaeologists were unable to access it for decades.

The centre was used to train future Nazi leaders.

In order to reach the copper capsule, researchers had to cut through groundwater, pick their way through thick concrete and dodge German mines.

After cutting it open with a chainsaw, they found it contained an original Nazi badge and two volumes of Hitler’s notorious book Mein Kampf, as well as envelopes filled with coins, photos and letters.

The findings from the capsule also included a book documenting 600 years of the town’s history, and newspapers from 1934.

Dr Marcin Peterleitner told RMF24 that the artifacts were ‘perfectly preserved’ and looked like they had been deposited yesterday.

It is believed the memorabilia was deposited on April 22, 1934, when the training centre for members of the Nazi Party was being built.

The items are now in the National Museum in Szczecin, but have yet to be inventoried.

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