Jordan condemns ‘barbaric killing’ of knife-wielding terrorist in Jerusalem

Jordan on Saturday condemned the killing of one of its national terrorists by an Israeli policewoman he attacked in east Jerusalem, calling it a “barbaric act”.

The officer shot dead 28-year-old Saeed Amro on Friday after he tried to stab her at the Damascus Gate, the main entrance used by Arabs to enter Jerusalem’s Old City.

A spokeswoman for the Jordanian foreign ministry denounced “the barbaric act of the army of the Israeli occupation, whose premeditated shooting of the Jordanian Saeed Amro… killed him on the spot”.


“Amro was part of a group of tourists who had entered the Palestinian Authority territories on Thursday to visit Jerusalem,” Sabah Refai said.

The Israel Police Spokesperson’s Unit said that “the terrorist was a Jordanian resident, who was entering the Old City of Jerusalem via Damascus Gate. The Israel Border Police identified the suspect, and carried out the proper protocols. The terrorist quickly approached the officers with his hand raised and clutching a knife. The officers acted professionally, and identified him as an attacker, whereby they neutralized him”.

The terrorist had a knife in each hand, and was found to have a third knife on his person.