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Shimon Peres remains in stable, serious condition

Following former president Shimon Peres’ stroke on Tuesday, Peres’ office issued a statement, saying that “The ninth president has had a quiet night. His condition remains the same—serious yet stable. After conferring with his doctors, it was decided to continue treatment according to his condition, thereby keeping him under sedation and intubated.”

Dr. Ze’ev Feldman, who has been taking part in Peres’ medical care at Sheba Medical Center. Feldman also updated that “His condition has improved, his alertness has improved and his reactiveness is better. This trend continued today, as he continues to be treated in the NICU at Sheba. His treatment includes maintaining optimal brain recovery conditions, and we hope that our efforts will bear fruit in the future.”

Feldman added that “We are still at a very early stage following the event for us to determine this or that, but the fact that he has regained consciousness is very significant and will allow for a fuller recovery and return to functioning.”



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