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Muslim terrorist wielding a meat cleaver attacks cops in New York

A Muslim terrorist has reportedly been shot by police after a meat cleaver attack near Macy’s and Madison Square Garden in New York led to two officers being injured.

The attack reportedly occurred after police chased a man wielding a meat cleaver in Manhattan’s Koreatown. The man attacked an officer, and the cop’s colleague fired several times, a spokesman said.

One officer suffered a head laceration and another had a graze on his back; the terrorist was hit by the officers and is in critical condition.

The terror attack is said to have occurred at around 5pm on West 32nd Street, near the intersection of 6th Avenue and Broadway in New York’s Midtown Wednesday.

Both officers had been called out to deal with the cleaver-wielding terrorist and both were threatened, police said.

Both officers and the attacker were taken to Bellevue Hospital. The police officers are said to be in stable condition in hospital.

Four more officers were taken to hospital to be evaluated for trauma.

The terrorist is said to be in critical condition. Earlier reports said that he had died.


The terrorist was hit multiple times during the confrontation, authorities said, while the officer struck by a bullet only suffered a graze on his back.

It hasn’t been confirmed exactly where on his head the officer was struck, but a ball cap was seen on the scene, apparently having been cut near the left eyebrow.


A witness told ABC 7 that there were around five or six officers, some in plainclothes, pointing guns at an apparently mentally unstable man with a meat cleaver.

He said police tried to get him to drop the cleaver but he refused and around six or seven shots were fired.

The terrorist,  who has been identified as Akram Joudah  from Queens, has 15 previous arrests.

Police were later seen inspecting what is believed to be the terrorist’s car and its contents with bomb-sniffing dogs, opening up a number of suitcases apparently stored in the vehicle.




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