Germany: 18-year-old Syrian terrorist planned to slaughter dozens

This is the grinning face of a Syrian terrorist German authorities say was part of a ‘sleeper’ cell ready to carry out attacks in Europe.

This photo shows the teenager smiling alongside friends at what is thought to be a beer festival in Reinfelt, northern Germany, earlier this year.

As he enjoyed himself, he was oblivious to the fact that security forces were monitored and that his phone had been tapped.

The Syrian, identified as Ibrahim M, was arrested in a massive series of raids in Germany this week.

The 18-year-old had travelled to Europe with ISIS cohorts after posing as war refugees fleeing their homeland.

Two of those they traveled with on fake passports were suicide bombers who blew themselves to smithereens in the Paris attacks of November last year.


Ibrahim M was arrested in Reinfeld in the northern state of Schleswig-Holstein – one of an estimate 500 radicalised terror suspects German intelligence operatives believe hid themselves among the great mass of migrants fleeing war and terror.

It emerged after the police swoops that he and his accomplices had been under constant surveillance since landing in Germany via the Balkans in November last year.

Authorities said all three suspects were found with fake passports crafted by ISIS forgers, nearly $100,000 to finance their terror activities and mobile telephones fitted with special communications equipment to allow them to contact their puppetmasters in Syria.


Germany is earmarked for a large-scale attack along the lines of the Paris carnage of shootings and bombings last November which claimed 130 lives.

A returned Jihadist called Harry Sarfo has become an informant for the intelligence services since he was jailed in Bremen last year for membership of ISIS.

He has told interrogators that the terror group desperately wants Jihadists to carry out attacks both in Germany and the UK.

Interior Minister Thomas de Maiziere said the three apparently used the same migrant trafficking network as several of the IS gunmen who killed 130 people in Paris in November last year.

‘According to what we know so far, the investigation of the (federal criminal office) BKA points to links to the attackers of Paris from November 2015,’ de Maiziere told a press conference.

‘There is every reason to believe that the same trafficking group used by the Paris attackers also brought the three men who were arrested to Germany,’ he said, adding that their forged travel documents came from ‘the same workshop’.

He said German police had monitored the men for months and tapped their phones, meaning that at no stage was there a risk of an attack.